The Maginus Project is committed to the artful recording of culturally significant American music. Artists and projects are chosen through a careful curation process and professionally recorded using state-of-the-art production facilities, tools, and techniques.

By joining with a select group of partners who share our passion for high-quality music well-recorded, we are able to provide the oversight required to guide projects to success. Our artists provide the creative impetus, and we provide the technical and financial oversight.


How Funds Are Used

Our goal is to produce first-rate recordings for our sponsored artists and, for each project, we utilize the best studios and recording professionals. We carefully oversee the entire production to ensure that each step of the process is addressed with the greatest possible care.

When we select a project for sponsorship, the majority of the project's funds are allocated to the engagement of qualified engineers, musicians, and facilities. Depending on the project, funds may also be made available for support costs such as rehearsal space, equipment rental, or copywork.  

How We Work

The Maginus Project seeks to preserve the very best of American musical artistry by helping significant artists record their work to the highest technical and artistic standards. We function essentially like a music recording production company, with the key difference that the recordings we produce belong primarily to the artists. We provide funding and production supervision for the recordings we sponsor. We work closely with our sponsored artists to plan and execute each project. In this way we ensure the work is presented it in its best possible light. Our focus, always, is on helping the artist realize their vision.

Our degree of involvement varies by project. Some artists are very capable in the arts and sciences of recording and need only high-level supervision. Others may need more hands-on technical assistance. At a minimum, we approve the production plan and budget and fund the recording. Creative decisions, such as the selection of compositions, musicians, arrangements, etc., are always left to the artist.

The Maginus Project sponsors the recording, not the artist. What this means is that our sponsorships cover the direct costs of the recording. The recipient of the sponsorship (what we refer to as the "Sponsored Artist") receives majority ownership of the resulting recording and any benefits that may accrue therefrom. In most cases, the Sponsored Artist does not receive funds directly from us. Instead we pay the recording costs directly.

Our Process

We work our Sponsored Artists to effectively plan and execute the recording. We help them select the right personnel, find the right facilities, and oversee mixing and mastering. This greater involvement ensures that the recordings we sponsor are only of the very highest quality. The process usually works like this:

1. Application. The artist or arts organization applies for sponsorship by submitting an application. This application includes the artist's biographical information, references, and a general description of the project for which they are seeking support. If they appear to satisfy the basic criteria for candidacy, additional supporting materials may be requested and/or an interview or video conference arranged. If the artist and project appear to be a good fit for sponsorship, we request a proposal.

2. Proposal. The applicant submits a formal proposal. The proposal specifies the nature and scope of the proposed project. It identifies the desired outcome and a detailed plan for achieving it. At a minimum, it should include the following:

  • The project concept including the specific aesthetic goals of the project
  • A list of compositions to be recorded and the instrumentation for each selection
  • A list of the musicians who will perform the material
  • The name of the musical director and arranger or orchestrator
  • Detailed information on the current state of the project
  • The proposed schedule
  • Technical requirements
  • A preliminary budget if possible
  • Other info as needed
The proposal is carefully reviewed by the Maginus Project and if there appears to be a synergy between the proposed project and the Maginus Project's mission, a formal invitation to participate is extended to the applicant.

3. Budget. If the invitation to participate is accepted, the Maginus Project works with the applicant to prepare a draft project budget. The budget contains specific amounts for each task or process in the production. Selections of personnel and facilities are typically refined at this point so that costs may be reasonably estimated. Once a budget is arrived at, the Maginus Project identifies possible sources of funding for the project and, if funds are determined to be available, a Production Plan is drafted.

4. Production Plan. We work with the applicant to draft a detailed Production Plan. The Production Plan outlines how the project will be realized in as much detail as possible and incorporates information from the proposal and budget.

5. Recording Test. Once a suitable Production Plan is drafted and accepted by the applicant and the Maginus Project, a recording test may be arranged. A few hours may be booked at a professional recording facility, providing the artist and the Maginus Project an opportunity to see if their working styles are compatible.

6. Contract. If the applicant and Maginus Project both desire to move forward, a contract incorporating the Production Plan and Budget is drawn up and executed. At this point the applicant officially becomes a Maginus Project Sponsored Artist. The contract fixes the amount of the sponsorship, and ensures that all parties execute their responsibilities effectively. The contract also specifies ownership of the resulting recordings. In most cases the Sponsored Artist retains the lion's share of ownership, and the Maginus Project retains only a small percentage. We also require the Sponsored Artist to ensure that the Maginus Project is properly credited, and we retain the right to use short clips from the recording for our promotional purposes.

7. Execution. The project is then recorded per the Production Plan according to the terms and limits specified in the contract (including budget). The Sponsored Artist gets a superb recording of their work which they can use however they wish.